The Dead Daisies announced about "The Meta Daisies Listening Party".


Something new and very different is happening at The Daisies. With the explosion of virtual life coming into real life, the band have entered the metaverse.  This is a completely new frontier for musicians around the world to reach new fans and find new audiences – all from the comfort of your cell phone or ipad.  Metaverse platforms give musicians an opportunity to preserve their legacy in a way that could live for eternity, and with that new fans can fully experience the power of their music.

Imagine witnessing the glory days of some of music’s biggest artists at their peak, your favourite rock stars from past eras being reborn, and bringing their epic music and energy to a new platform giving new generations a sight and sound of what they missed first time around, but can now immerse themselves in the experience to create their own memories.

We revealed a brand-new rock band created by four rock legends to enter the metaverse, they are The Meta Daisies and along with their guardian Daisy, they will bring Rock music to the masses.

Avakin Life 3D Virtual App is hosting a Listening Party in the metaverse! Avakin Life is a social 3D avatar-based metaverse for mobile.  Players become avatars that explore, create and meet others in a rich and ever-changing virtual world.  From Thursday June 9th-16th you can explore The Meta Daisies Listening Party, and most importantly ROCK OUT to ‘RADIANCE’.

All you have to do is download the Avakin Life app and create your Avatar here: