One / Minoru Niihara

Japan 1989.06.21 - TRIAD (CA-3538)
Japan 2002.04.20 - Nippon Columbia (COR3538) - CD-R

Track List:
 1. Overtrue-Let's Get Together
 2. Stand Up To the Danger
 3. Come Over Me
 4. I Can't Wait
 5. Dynamite
 6. You Can Do It
 7. Bluest Sky
 8. Stayin' Alive
 9. Fool For You
10. Too Long Away To Reach
11. I'll Never Hide My Love Again

Vocals:  Minoru Niihara
Guitars:  Reb Beach, Doug Aldrich, Michael Landau, Yukihiro Fujimura, Junshi Yamagishi
Bass:  Ross Valory, John ierce
Drums:  Steve Smith, John Keane
Horn:  The Tower Of Power Horn Section
Background Vocals:  Kal Swan, David Glen Isley, Mark Slaughter, Maxine Waters, Julia Waters

Prodused by Minoru Niihara, Yukihiro Fujimura