Windows / Mike Vescera Project

Japan 1997.01.18 - Pony Canyon (PCCY01081)
UK 1999.11.29 - Z Records (ZR1997021)

Track List:
 1. In The Beginning
 2. Innocent Man
 3. Windows
 4. Crack The Sky
 5. Somewhere
 6. No More
 7. Take Me Away
 8. Anyone
 9. Yesterday
10. Don't Let Me Down
11. Why
12. Say A Prayer
13. Words Unspoken
14. Strawberry Fields

Vocals, Keyboards:  Michael Vescera
Guitars:  Scott Boland
Bass:  Barry Sparks
Drums:  B.J. Zampa

Additional Guitars:  Doug Aldrich and Al Petrelli on "Words Unspoken", Yngwie Malmsteen on "Say A Prayer"
Sax:  Daniel Cipriano
Additional Keyboards:  Sal Valente

Produced by Michael Vescera