Star Of The East / Northern Light Orchestra

USA 2017.11.24 (Digital Outlets) / 12.08 (Retail Outlets) - EMP Label Group

Track List:
01. Prelude (feat. Kip Winger)
02. Drag Me into the Light (feat. Anna Hiltbrand & Mitch Perry)
03. The Night Before Christmas (feat. Mark Slaughter, Laura Walsh, Doug Aldrich & Chuck Wright)
04. Hearts of Fire (feat. John Elefante, Bruce Kulick & David Ellefson)
05. Star of the East (feat. Laura Walsh, Doug Aldrich & Chuck Wright)
06. Lonely Heart (feat. Robin McAuley, Bruce Kulick & Chuck Wright)
07. Red (feat. Mark Slaughter & Kane Roberts)
08. Bring Me Balloons (feat. Laura Walsh)
09. Hope for the Season (feat. Robin McAuley, Kane Roberts & Doug Aldrich)
10. I Give You My All (feat. Robert Mason, Bill Leverty & Chuck Wright)
11. Not Every Dream Comes True (feat. Kane Roberts & Chuck Wright)
12. Angel's Wings (feat. Ken Mary & Chuck Wright)
13. Another Holiday on the Road (feat. Laura Walsh, Kane Roberts & Kendall Bechtel)