Pulling The Trigger / Cooper Inc.

USA 2009.10.09 - CTM christones music / Point Music Distribution

Track List:
 1. All Of You
 2. Never Let You Go
 3. Rain
 4. Deja Vu
 5. Weep
 6. Pulling The Trigger
 7. Who Gives You The Right
 8. On The Cover
 9. Rock My World
10. Who Is The One
11. Let Me Out
12. Voices Within 

Cooper Inc.:
Christian Tolle (Guitars)
John Cuijpers (Vocals)
Hans in 't Zandt (Drums)
Matthias Rethmann (Bass)

Guest Musicians:
Doug Aldrich: Guitar Solo on "Rain"
Vinny Burns: Guitar Solo on "Pulling The Trigger"
Michael Voss: Backing Vocals, Keyboards