On the Road / Wild Souls

Greece 2013.07 - Final Touch Records

Track List:
01. You and Me
02. On the Road
03. Brokenheart
04. Wild Soul
05. Runnin' Away
06. When a Love is Gone
07. T.F.F.T

Special Guest: Doug Aldrich
In the summer of 2012, “Wild Souls” announced that the band “Steam Roller”, a band led by Whitesnake guitarist, Doug Aldrich would be coming to Greece. “Steam Roller” would perform a single appearance, in which Wild Souls had the honor to perform as a support-act. The concert took place in the city of Kavala on the 7th of October 2012 and led to a great partnership between Doug Aldrich and Wild Souls, with Doug, composing and recording the guitar solo for one of the band’s songs, with the title "On the Road ".