Trouble In Angel City

USA 1989.06.12 - Grand Slamm (SLAMCD 5)
Japan 1989.10.18 - Funhouse

Track List:
 1. Come On
 2. Look Up Your Daughters
 3. Can't Stop The Rain
 4. Love Is A Lie
 5. Victims Of Circumstance
 6. Stranger In The City
 7. Hungry For Love
 8. Hold On
 9. Lonely Girl
10. Forgotten Sons

Vocals:  Kal Swan
Guitars:  Doug Aldrich
Bass:  Jerry Best
Drums:  Mark Edwards

Background Vocals:  Kal Swan, Douglas Aldrich, Jerry Best, Mark Edwards, Scott Maclachlan, Rick Seratte, Female Voices by Victoria Seeger

Produced by LION