Very Beast Of Dio 2

USA 2012.10.09 - Niji Entertainment (CD-NIJI-231)

Track List:
 1. Killing The Dragon
 2. Push
 3. The Eyes
 4. Along Comes A Spider
 5. Better in the Dark
 6. Fever Dreams
 7. Black
 8. Feed My Head
 9. Shivers
10. Hunter Of The Heart (from "Inferno: Last In Live")
11. One More For The Road
12. Lord Of The Last Day
13. Electra (Rare Bonus Track from "Magica II")
14. As Long As It's Not About Love
15. This Is Your Life
16. Metal Will Never Die (Bonus Track from "Bitten By The Beast")
17. Prisoner Of Paradise (Bonus Track from Japanese Version of "Master Of The Moon")