Japan 1993.03.19 - Canyon International (PCCY-00417)
UK 1996.09.20 - Under One Flag (CDFLAG79)

Track List:
 1. Dangerous Game
 2. Servants Of The Sun
 3. Devil's Son (While Our Children Cry)
 4. Blood On The Streets
 5. Tears In The Dark mp3
 6. Heart Of Darkness
 7. Chains
 8. Till The Morning Comes
 9. Time Will Tell
10. Remember Me

Vocals:  Kal Swan
Guitars:  Doug Aldrich
Bass:  Ian Mayo
Drums:  Jackie Ramos

Additional musicians:  Ken Mary, Chuck Wright
Keywboards:  Rick Seratte, Kal Swan

Produced by MACK, Kal Swan, Doug Aldrich