Full Moon Collection (3 CD)

Europe 2005.07.04 - Frontiers Records (FRCD250)

Track List:
 1. Hands On Heaven
 2. If It Ain't Dirty
 3. Without Your Love
 4. Full Moon Fever
 5. Lie Down
 6. Old Flames
 7. Built For Speed
 8. Darkside From Babylon
 9. Sunset After Midnight
10. Wayward Son
11. One Night In Tokyo (Bonus Track)
12. Alter Ego (Bonus Track)

 1. Dangerous Game
 2. Servants Of The Sun
 3. Devil's Son (While Our Children Cry)
 4. Blood On The Streets
 5. Tears In The Dark
 6. Heart Of Darkness
 7. Chains
 8. Till The Morning Comes
 9. Time Will Tell
10. Remember Me
11. Sweet Satisfaction (Bonus Track)
12. Can't Wait Until Tomorrow (Bonus Track)

 1. Belligerant Stance
 2. Monkey
 3. Moonchild
 4. Believe
 5. Into The Pit
 6. Godforsaken
 7. Free
 8. Holy War
 9. Summer Rain
10. T.B.O.M.D.
11. Rivers Run Red (Bonus Track)
12. Underground (Bonus Track)
13. Crown Of Roses (Bonus Track)
14. Millwall Brick (Bonus Track)

Vocals:  Kal Swan
Guitars:  Doug Aldrich
Bass:  Ian Mayo
Drums:  Jackie Ramos

Additional musicians:  
Ken Mary (Drums / Percussions)
Chuck Wright (Bass / Background vocals),
Rick Serrate (Keyboards / Background vocals),
Fred Mandel (Keyboards on "If It Ain't Dirty ..."),
Michael Schenker (Additional lead guitar on "Built For Speed")

Additional background vocals:  Robin McAuley, Kelly Hanson, James Christian, Jay King, Rocky Newton

Produced by MACK, Noel Golden, Bad Moon Rising, Kal Swan, Doug Aldrich