(2003 - 2014)

Vocal:  David Coverdale
Guitar & Vocal:  Doug Aldrich / Reb Beach
Keyboard & Vocal:  Timothy Drury / Brian Ruedy
Bass & Vocal:  Marco Mendoza / Uriah Duffy / Michael Devin
Drum:  Tommy Aldridge / Chris Frazier / Brian Tichy

Whitesnake new lineup is confirmed and Doug joined the band officially. They toured in USA and Japan in 2003, and Europe & UK in 2004. And they toured in USA again in 2005. Marco Mendoza was replaced by Uriah Duffy on bass from the tour in 2005. In 2008 they released the long-waited new album after Doug joined the band. And from the recording this album, Chris Frazier who played for Burning rain on the tour joined the band as the replacement of Tommy Aldridge.  Then in 2010, Uriah Duffy, Chris Frazier, and Timothy Drury left the band.  And Brian Tichy was added on drums, Michael Devin on bass, and Brian Ruedy on Keyboards. In 2013 the drummer, Brian Tichy left and Tommy Aldridge returned to the band. Then Doug left the band on May 7, 2014.