(1983 - 1989)

Vocal:  Kal Swan
Guitar:  Doug Aldrich
Bass:  Jerry Best
Drum:  Mark Edwards

Lion's roots began in 1983.  Kal Swan, who had played an active role in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal as the lead singer of TYTAN, decided to move from Britain to Los Angeles, California.  There he met  Mark Edwards, the drummer for STEELER, the band which featured the soon-to-be legendary Swedish guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen.  Together Kal and Mark formed LION, and began making a demo tape.

Doug Aldrich and Jerry Best, formerly of the band MANSFIELD, were recruited into the band in 1985.  An excellent demo tape, "Power Love", was made by this lineup.  Five songs were recorded before Doug and Jerry came aboard, and the band decided on a 6 song EP for Japanese release only.  Before recording the debut album, LION appeared on two movie soundtracks.  They contributed the track "Never Surrender" for the movie "The Wraith", and they did the title track for the animated movie "The Transformers".

A debut LP, "Dangerous Attraction", was released in 1987.  Although the band had performed twice in Japan by that point, they were unable to work in the United States, due to record company and management problems.  A second LP, "Trouble In Angel City" was given an American only release.  This LP featured 5 songs from the "Power Love" EP (the title track was excluded), along with 5 newly recorded songs.  The band was unsuccessful in trying to secure an overseas release for the new album.

The band would have to break up in order to cancel their contract with Scotti Brothers Records.  In September, 1989, Mark Edwards was seriously injured when he fell from a cliff at a Palmdale, California motorcycle race .  This accident effectively closed the chapter on LION.  At last, LION broke up on October 20, 1989.