(1989 - 1990)

Vocal:  Kelly Hansen
Guitar:  Doug Aldrich
Bass:  Tony Cavazo
Drum:  Jay Schellen

In 1984, when LA Metal was streaming all over America, Tony Cavzo (bass) whose brother was the main member of Quiet Riot, Carlos Cavazo, and Robert Sarzo (guitar) whose brother was Rudy Sarzo of Whitesnake, met each other through Kevin Dublow of Quiet Riot and formed the band, Hurricane.  They auditioned the singer, and finally got Kelly Hansen among 120 singers.  Then, they completed the lineup with the drummer, Jay Shellen, who was playing for Lita Ford.  They made the mini album in 1985, and released the first full album called "Over The Edge" in 1987.  They played with Stryper and Gary Moore on the US tour in 1988, and they played in Japan also in November, 1988.  Their album made a hit and the US tour was successful, but the guitarist, Robert left the band right before the recording for the new album.  Doug was offered to play as a new guitarist for Hurricane.  Then Doug wanted to play for Lion again, so he was thinking of playing for Hurricane as a session member, but he decided to become the official member, because the each members of Lion was starting to do a solo project.  Then he went on the Hurricane tour.

April in 1990, the new Hurricane released the new album called "Slave To The Thrills".  Hurricane's sound went wild by adding Doug's agressive guitar.  But Doug formed the band, Bad Moon Rising with Kal Swan, and he left Hurricane.