(1999 - )

Vocal:  Keith St. John
Guitar:  Doug Aldrich
Bass:  Ian Mayo / Sean McNabb / Brad Lang 
Drum:  Alexx Macarovich / Chris Frazier / Matt Starr / Blas Elias

Doug inherited the past inheritance correctly and began to consider forming a new rock band in summer of 1998, which was added the contemporary sense. He had a 2nd fateful encounter with vocalist Keith St. John. Although he was first introduced to Keith by a mutual friend in 1992, Doug had started work on the second BAD MOON RISING album, and had not shown any real interest in him at that time. However, he was introduced again by Ian Mayo, who had known Keith for some time. Keith, who had worked with BIG TROUBLE, ST. JOHN, and SUN KING, gained the opportunity to showcase his tough but soulful vocals to the BURNING RAIN fans. They added veteran session drummer Alex Makarovich, who had recently played on the 3rd STEELHEART album, "Wait". Rounding out the band would be bassist Ian Mayo, who had worked with Doug since the BAD MOON RISING days. Doug formally put BURNING RAIN into operation in November, 1998. His goal on making the first album was to go close to the LION sound, or even the debut BAD MOON RISING album, but also to take it to the next level.

The debut album, "Burning Rain" was released in March, 1999. As with both LION and early BAD MOON RISING, intense feelings were thrown into the music. With Doug himself at the production helm, the music combined Keith's soulful singing method, which carried out swing jazz, with Doug's flashing and mellow guitar work. A second album, "Pleasure To Burn", was released in September, 2000. Word spread quickly about BURNING RAIN, with western fans snapping up their albums on Japanese import. This resulted in the band signing with Z Records in Europe, who quickly released the debut album domestically. They performed at a Z Records-sponsored festival, Z 2001, in May, 2001. The band's active agenda spread from Japan to Europe and to the United States, and greatly increased their fan base. The old dream of Doug Aldrich is going to be realized at last. It's the result of his intense efforts, his ability to overcome setbacks and obstacles, and his never giving up on his beliefs.

In 2013 the band is finally back with the new album "Epic Obsession".  Burning Rain's sound is more aggressive and sexy, and they have 2 new members, Sean McNabb on Bass and Matt Starr on drums.  Their tour is expected after 14 years in Japan, and also outside Japan too.

In 2019 the band releases the 4th album "Face The Music" in March and gets the new members, Brad Lang on bass and Blas Elias on drums.  They are expected to tour in 2019 too!