A mass zombie dance is being arranged in the Victorian Market in Inverness on 26 October at the end of ZombieNess, part of the Inverness events programme.

The dance will be filmed during the playing of a track called Dead and Gone by rock band, The Dead Daisies, who headline the first ever Monstersfest in the city on 11 November.

The song’s official video, which features zombies, has already been viewed close to one million times on YouTube. The film of the Inverness zombies will be shown across the band’s social media channels and will also help push up the Daisies’ Facebook 'likes' to more than one million.

From 9pm in the Victorian Market their dancing will be filmed to 'Dead and Gone' and post across social media. It will be a fun way to end the festival and begin the countdown to the inaugural Monstersfest.