The Dead Daisies official website announced they will be partnering with Guitar Center during our US tour this summer for a series of exclusive acoustic performances and short Q&A's!
This national promotion will be free and open to the public, however, the number of seats will be limited, so make sure to RSVP via the links below!

As the band has taken Europe and the UK by storm with their pre-show acoustic sets introducing the DaisyLand concept, it was time to kick things up a notch for the US tour: In true DaisyLand fashion John, Marco, Deen, Doug, and David will play acoustic songs you won't be able to hear anywhere else at the Guitar Center shows, and will also sit down for short Q&A's at every location.
They will also be signing a special edition limited tour poster, and a few lucky guests will get some awesome DaisyLand swag!

As these shows will happen in the afternoon, there will be plenty of time for you and your friends to get to the venues later that night. They're extremely excited to be able to interact with you guys on such a personal level, and they hope to see your faces at both the Guitar Center shows and the official tour shows! Let’s show ‘em that ROCK IS INDEED ALIVE AND WELL!!

They also have a special treat planned for their amazing family in Canada, so stay tuned!

2018.08.15 – Cleveland, OH – 6.30pm
2018.08.16 – Fort Wayne, IN – 6.30pm
2018.08.17 – Joliet, IL – 6.30pm
2018.08.18 – Flint, MI – 5.00pm
2018.08.19 – Louisville, KY – 5.00pm
2018.08.22 – Rochester, NY – 6.30pm
2018.08.28 – New York, NY – 6.30pm
2018.08.29 – Pittsburg, PA – 6.30pm
2018.08.30 – Cincinnati, OH – 6.30pm
2018.08.31 – Lancaster, PA – 6.30pm
2018.09.01 – Albany, NY – 5.00pm
2018.09.04 – Nashville, TN – 6.30pm
2018.09.06 – Houston, TX – 6.30pm
2018.09.07 – Dallas, TX – 6.30pm
2018.09.08 – Austin, TX – 5.00pm
2018.09.11 – Los Angeles, CA – 6.30pm
2018.09.12 – Las Vegas, NV – 6.30pm
2018.09.13 – San Diego, CA – 6.30pm
2018.09.14 – Pomona, CA – 6.30pm