Interview with Doug Aldrich Vol. 2
By Yuki at Doug Aldrich Net

Yuki:  Hi Doug! First, congratulations on the success of The Dead Daisies 2018 tour!  I saw your shows in Japan in June and they were great.  And I think it was a great idea to add the acoustic part to the shows.  In the U.S., Canada, UK and Europe, you did both the acoustic (by DaisyLand) and electric shows.  How was it going?  The band is always trying to do something new for the fans and it's great, I think.  Whose ideas are these, band members or your manager?
Doug:  Those were ideas presented to us by David Edwards the band management. For the DaisyLand shows it was really cool because we would play a short acoustic set before the concert then we do a meet and greet autographs and all that stuff it was really a great experience for everybody was The highlight of my day. I agree with you it’s always good to keep it fresh.
Yuki:  On the latest album, "Burn It Down", Deen Castronovo, who is working with you in Revolution Saints, joined the band.  What kind of influences did he bring to the band?  How does he compare to Brian Tichy?
Doug:  deen is amazing I’ve been friends with him for a long time as we had two are together with Journey and Whitesnake for years. I was sad to see Brian go because he’s one of my best buddies but I was also really happy that Deen joined the band and he really brought his A game. These guys both play a little differently but that’s totally cool because on any instrument you don’t want to me to play exactly the same as the other person.
Yuki:  The Dead Daisies made an album in a short period.  When you worked for Whitesnake, it took a long time to make an album.  Which is more comfortable for you?
Doug:  I really love how the dead daisies work in a quick manner. I think it also helps when everybody’s invested with their ideas and time. The dead daisies does everything together all the time and is really cool. But at the same time I have to say it was very rewarding to work so closely with David up on the direction of where Whitesnake was heading.
I really enjoyed mixing the style of the old Whitesnake with the 80s Whitesnake and trying to come up with something new and I think we did that I’m really proud of it. It was really the opposite of the dead daisies because it was just David and I being creative at that time.
Yuki:  Do you have plans to do anything with The Dead Daisies this year?
Doug:  yes but it’s top secret... we’re working on several ideas on a couple of fronts and have some new surprises coming up but I can’t tell you what now.
Yuki:  Lion members, Kal, Mark and Jerry came to see The Dead Daisies show at Roxy Theatre in LA and you all spent time together at the Rainbow, right? It's amazing!  How did you feel and what kind of things did you talk about with them?  What do they do now?  And I'm curious to ask you ... when you joined Whitesnake, what kind of reaction did Kal give you?
Doug:  kal was happy for me when I got in the Whitesnake. Kal really loved Whitesnake and he knew that he taught me a lot about early Whitesnake because it wasn’t popular in the US before 1985 say. It was really a fun surprise that Mark put it together so we could all meet at the Roxy we did some photos and went and had a couple of beers together and just had some laughs...,it was great but it wasn’t long enough we only stayed for about an hour. Mark is in the financial world these days and still supports and loves music but he successful with his business. Kal is in the movie industry working behind the scenes and in the union so he’s doing great as well. Jerry is a family man he’s got three kids and a wife and he still plays music all the time he’s a great bass player still!
Yuki:  You played for Rock Vault sometimes, and Keith St. John or Matt Starr also played there, right?  I saw the shows in 2014 and I really enjoyed it.  You played some of my favorite songs.  Rock Vault seems to make plans for the world tour in 2019, and will you play for that tour?
Doug:  No, I’m just doing a few weeks here in there this year for RTRV kind of as a special guest.  I have no plans to tour with them at this time, but check in, cause I may show up in Vegas a few times.
Yuki:  Revolution Saints has already released 2 albums, but the band hasn't done a tour because the band members are very busy playing with other bands. You told me the band needed to release another album.  Do you think you will have a chance to do a tour after the third album?

I’m not sure you never know, I would love to play some select dates with those guys definitely would love to. I know the other guys wanted to go to Japan as well that’d be really cool!
Right now the only plans I have the tour is with Burning Rain and The Dead Daisies.

Yuki:  Finally, Burning Rain's new album will be released on March 22 (March 6 in Japan from Avalon) from Frontiers Records.  I'm so excited, and congratulations for the 20th anniversary!  I think it took a long time for you to complete the new album. How long and how have you been making it?  And how did you name the album title "Face The Music"?
Doug:  thank you thank you very much. Yeah 20 years has gone by like it was nothing. Keith I didn’t really start writing anything until 2017 and we just did a few things to make a start but finally in 2018 we got serious and spend a few months perfecting the songs that we wanted to put on the record.
We wanted to have a title song for the album that the album was named after and face the music let it self to some great artwork ideas. It’s a catchy song and it’s got a positive meaning that whether it’s good or bad actually you have to face the music to make your life better and you have to face the music too realize your dreams. Face the music is kind of like making changes for the best.
Yuki:  Does BR's new album sound different from the old ones?  How is it compared with the previous three albums?  Brian Tichy, who was playing in The Dead Daisies, played as a guest musician on the album, right?  Any other guest musicians?
Doug:  Alessandro Del Vecchio was also a guest keyboardist On the record. I think this record stays in line with the Burning Rain sound.
If there any differences I would say that this record is a bit simpler overall just more simple riff rock but with the same bluesy heaviness. It’s a good record I think and Keith and I are really proud of it and the opportunity to work with Brad and Blas!!
Yuki:  This time, the new members, Blas Elias (drums) and Brad Lang (bass), joined the band.  How did they join the band and could you talk about them more?
Doug:  I wanted to find some new guys that were excited about promoting a band that we could all be a part of so once I met Blas at raiding the rock vault, I felt like he be really great addition to the band. He’s just a super bad ass player but he’s also one of the coolest guys u could meet....down-to-earth and really a quiet guy until he unleashes behind the kit! Brad Lang Cell was recommended by Keith because they had worked together several times and I’m really happy to say that Brad is in the band he’s a huge asset. He plays great he looks great he sings great and he’s a super cool guy laid back with his mind on his money and his money on is mind!!! Haha just kidding... he’s laid back! You guys are serious pros and they sound great together. I can’t wait to get out and start playing live with everybody.
Yuki:  Do you have plans to tour with the new album?  I hope the band will come to Japan, because the band haven't been to Japan since 1999!
Doug:  Yes for sure we have a couple of warm dates at the end of March and then Keith and I are going to Europe to do a promotional acoustic tour followed by a full band performance at Frontiers Fest 2019. We’re looking to come to Japan whenever we invited we can’t wait we love to be there this year maybe in the fall. Also we will be looking to do a full on European run sometime during a break of the dead daisies schedule. I think around September October is what we’re talking about. Will be hitting weekend spots in the US throughout the next year or so. Now we’re getting offers to do festivals to and some really cool places like South America.
Yuki:  You played in Japan with Whitesnake, Glenn Hughes and The Dead Daisies, but haven't played with Burning Rain since 1999.  20 years!  If you have a chance to play in Japan with BR again, what do you want to do?  And are you thinking anything special now?
Doug:  I really feel strongly that burning rain will be in Japan at some point it just depends on when we get invited. We have a lot of fans that have supported us for the last 20 years and even before that in my case I’ve known some of you guys since I was in my mid 20s. I would make sure that we would have a blast.. it’s a great group of guys and I know that we care about the fans very much.
Yuki:  I'm very interested in the new album, because both you and Keith have been working with many bands/projects and many musicians since the last album.  Recently you were touring with The Dead Daisies and Keith is with Kingdom Come.  Do you think your experiences influenced the new album?
Doug:  Everything you do influences you sometimes I guess. But when it comes to burning rain we kind a have a sound that Keith and I get together with him when we write. So everything we do still kind of sounds like Burning Rain.
Yuki:  When you worked with Lion or Bad Moon Rising, you were playing for one band.  But recently, you are working for some bands or projects.  I can see your new sides of your playing especially on Revolution Saints and The Dead Daisies and it's very interesting.  Isn't it hard to work on some different bands/projects?  Good points and bad points?
Doug:  I actually really like it to do a few different things I don’t want to do too many things though. Right now The Dead Daisies is my main job but I’m super happy that I now can promote Burning Rain  for the first time ever! I love the place so any chance I get whether it’s sessions or jamming with friends or doing a band situation with the dead daisies and burning rain I’m happy with all of it.
Yuki:  You sometimes did a kind of lesson or workshop in the magazines since the Lion days, and recently you showed some of this footage on YouTube by Guitar World.  Don't you have a plan to make an instructional book or DVD in the future?  And the new solo album?  If you make it now, it will be very interesting, I think.
Doug:  I’ve got some really cool ideas for us all the records of the very different and kind of sticks to my original guitar plan. But it’s gonna take me some time to get it together. Nowadays there’s so much instructional opportunity on YouTube and Instagram social media I don’t see it necessary to do a instructional DVD at this time. But who knows maybe I’ll get a great idea that I want to share with everybody.
Yuki:  You have been working with many great singers like Kal Swan, Kelly Hansen, Keith St. John, Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Deen Castronovo, John Corabi.  Are there any other singers you want to work with in the future?  And any other musicians?
Doug:  that’s a pretty killer list you just quoted right there!!!! I think I’ve gotten very very lucky to work with those guys.. There are a couple guys that have asked me to do things and maybe I’ll write some songs for some people but right now I’m focused on the Daisies and Burning Rain.
Yuki:  I feel you have a great career and I'm happy to see you for a long time.  I think you are very busy, but look very happy and really enjoying playing more  And your guitar play & sound has been more attractive.  Is there anything you want to do in the future?  And what are your aims and dreams?
Doug:  I just got to get better and better and better and that’s the bottom line better as a songwriter better as a guitarist and I really strive to be a good father for my kids. I love to play guitar and I’m so lucky to do it for a living so I really appreciate the support that all my friends are giving me... but the greatest thing I’ve ever done was be a dad I’m so happy and blessed to be one. And I’ve got an amazing wife named Daniela, She is an amazing mom and been very understanding with my busy sched.
Yuki:  How's your schedule this year?
Doug:  Busy!!!!
Yuki:  Please give some message to your fans!!
Doug:  I really hope you guys enjoy the new Burning Rain record. We had a blast making it for you guys. Thank you so much for all your continued support and will see you on the road love Doug

Thank you for taking your time for my interview!
I wish you more success in 2019!

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